Common Issues With KitchenAid Range Top

April 22, 2021

Common Issues With KitchenAid Range Top | KitchenAid Appliance Repair Professionals
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Most range tops such as KitchenAid units come in different models to match various cooking needs. No matter what KitchenAid model you own, you will still come across some issues with your range top that may affect its regular operation. You may perform some basic troubleshooting to address its common problems from burners, not lighting or loud sounds that occur when you cook and bake, thus there’s no need to seek an expert directly. However, other problems, such as weak gas connection, should be serviced by a highly trained technician.

No Service

When your KitchenAid range top does not turn on, there could be an issue with its power source. See to it that the power cord is connected to a functional outlet. When the range top is connected but still won’t start, you have to reset your circuit breaker or change a broken fuse in your fuse box. Your range top won’t function when its gas supply fails to start, either, so you need to confirm that the main or regulator gas shutoff valve is in the right spot. When the gas valve or the power is open, it may be inaccurately connected to the gas supply. Call for a professional service with a factory-trained technician.

Burned Out

When the burners won’t function, examine if the control knob is properly installed. You have to press the knob then turn it to your preferred temperature. But if you have never made use of your burners, the air within the gas lines could affect the proper gas flow. Switch on one surface burner to let some air out of the lines. Your burners can fail to function when the ports are blocked with grease, agents, and other wastes. In order to clean the ports, uninstall the burner cap, and make use of a pin to extract any debris or other wastes from the holes. Change the burner cap and switch on the burner to check if it works already. When it doesn’t light, it’s best to call a professional repair specialist.

Secure and Sound

Once you start hearing some noise every time your range top is in use, it does not always indicate a problem with your kitchen appliance. Some noise from your unit is part of the regular operation. When you hear cracking noise while baking or boiling, it is normally the gas valve switching on or opening up. If your surface burners make a blasting noise, they are perhaps damp. Its igniters may produce clicking noise many times until light is detected. The convection fan relay of some models can click if it’s operating on and off. Once you hear a whistling noise, it is probably the broil or bake burner lighting.

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