Common Kitchenaid Stove Problems

January 27, 2021

Common Kitchenaid Stove Problems | Kitchenaid Appliance Repair Pros
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When you think of it, the burner is one of the most essential parts of a stove, whatever the brand of your stove is. The burners are often seen to extreme heat and wear. Definitely, a KitchenAid stove unit will serve you for several years before you see some initial signs of deterioration or any other kind of damage. Even then, it’s not important to consider buying a new appliance when it begins to malfunction – the defective parts can be replaced and the issue – easily repaired.

It is essential to identify that many old stoves use pilot lights for casting light on the burners. Technicians do not analyze these stoves comprehensively in this blog. In any way, the first thing you need to do when your pilot light burner is not lighting is to examine when the pilot light is lit.

Some Common Issues with KitchenAid Stove Burners

When your electrode breaks to create a spark, the issue can be harder to diagnose. It is often highly recommended to contact a professional technician, however, it is still possible to perform a repair yourself.

Spark Ignition System

A spark ignition system has two different stages. The spark module produces the high voltage current necessary for generating a spark. The spark electrode is situated near the gas flow. A high voltage current is transported from the spark module to the electrode so that continuous sparks will be generated up to four sparks per second.

Glow Bar Igniter

Modern stoves and other heating appliances make use of a glow bar over a spark module to cast a light on the gas. When your glow bar is lighting with the dull red color once you switch it on, but stays cold and does not light the gas, you may have to change the glow bar igniter.

Control Board

One of the common problems to assess and repair is damage to the control board. When the other components of the igniter work smoothly and there are no problems with the supply of the gas, the issue may be the defective controls or the control board. When this happens, it is advised to visually check the board and inspect whether there are any symptoms of burn or physical defects.

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