Dealing With KitchenAid Oven Error Codes

April 27, 2021

Dealing With KitchenAid Oven Error Codes | Kitchenaid Appliance Repair Pros

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KitchenAid oven is a high-end appliance designed to last years. With regular maintenance, your oven unit will continue to function efficiently and give you delectable meals for a lifetime. When it breaks down, KitchenAid has made everything to make it clear so that you can address it immediately — and you can refer to KitchenAid oven diagnostic mode or user’s manual for help. 

KitchenAid Oven Error Codes

The display in the oven will show error codes when something goes wrong. Some common KitchenAid oven error codes can display as an F or E code depending on your model. It’s highly recommended to go over the user’s manual that comes with your oven so that you can determine which codes to see.

In some cases, error codes can be corrected by resetting your oven. You can perform it at your circuit breaker box by shutting down the fuse or circuit breaker, letting it off for 60 seconds, and then switching it back on. Usually, these power restarts will let the oven reset and deal with the problem.

Some Common Error Codes in KitchenAid Oven

F9 or F9 E0 code displays if there’s something irregular with the electricity wired to your oven. The electrical source or the wiring at home is poor and is supplying the oven with insufficient voltage. Or, the oven detected a spike along with the connection during an outage or bad weather conditions. The most practical resolution is to restart the power to the oven that you can do by switching off and on, or by looking into the breaker box. 

C signifies the oven is showing temperatures in Celsius. Once running in Celsius, the oven will not go over 260 degrees. You will need to look into the specific manuals for your KitchenAid unit because each model utilizes varying sets of commands to shift the temperature type.

PF code determines a power failure. It can be displayed 27 or 30 for  PF id or 30 based on the model, however, the PF goes along well with KitchenAid oven units. Press cancel to clear the display and inspect to see to it that the time clock is accurate. When the power has been shut down for some time, the clock may require a reset.

Resolution Tips and Troubleshooting

Sometimes, the KitchenAid oven error codes will signify a momentary issue, which can be dealt with by restarting the power to the oven. It’s when the codes display more than a single time, gradually, that you require to focus. These error codes can result in oven breakdowns that may not only spoil your cooking but also result in safety hazards, also. 

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