What Are The Reasons for A Kitchenaid Dryer to Overheat

May 31, 2022

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There’s no better and more convenient way to dry your clothes after washing. Traditionally, clothes should be hanging out dry and let the weather do its part. But, this doesn’t apply all the time, especially if your place doesn’t have enough space. Kitchenaid is one of the top appliance brands that has been trusted by many homeowners when it comes to their dryers and other kitchen appliances. But, even a modern appliance is still prone to some issues which might need a Dryer Repair in Burbank to fix.

Kitchenaid Appliance Repair Professionals in Burbank is your trusted and reliable repair service in the area. They offer quality and long-lasting repair solutions to any minor or major issues that you might encounter with your Kitchenaid appliance, such as the dryer. The licensed and expertly trained repair technicians will ensure that all issues are properly handled and guarantee to fix them in no time.

On the other hand, other issues can be easily fixed by following the Kitchenaid dryer repair manual. This is a guide showing the kind of error and how to rectify it using the steps provided.

It is an advantage to know the different possible issues you might encounter with your Kitchenaid dryer as a homeowner. This will let you know how it can be fixed and how to prevent this from happening in the future. Normally, a dryer will be warm enough to a certain temperature to dry the clothes properly. But, if you notice that it is too warm and causes damage to the clothes, this indicates a different issue that must be identified and fixed immediately to prevent hazard-like problems.

Restricted Air Flow

The most common reason for the dryer to overheat is the restricted airflow. When there’s a blockage in its internal ductwork, the hot air will become trapped inside the drum, which will create a potential fire hazard.

Cycling Thermostat

Most dryers have a cycling thermostat designed to automatically turn off its heating elements at high temperatures. If this is broken or malfunctioning, this tends for the dryer to produce excessive heat.

Heating Element

Another possible cause for the dryer to overheat is its heating element. It is not uncommon for the heating elements to warp and or shift over time, resulting in direct contact with the drum or other components. When this happens, the heating element can warm up the drum much quicker than usual. The coils of the dryer should not touch the drum, each other, or any components of it.

If your Kitchenaid dryer still overheats, it is best to let a professional handle the problem and ensure proper diagnosis and fix. It would be best to dry clothes properly after they are washed, and a Kitchenaid dryer can do this for you. But, if there are any problems, contact Kitchenaid Appliance Repair Professionals to properly fix the problem.

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