Why Is Kitchenaid Fridge Over Temperature Alarm Going Off?

May 31, 2021

Why Is Kitchenaid Fridge Over Temperature Alarm Going Off? | KitchenAid Appliance Repair Professionals
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The KitchenAid fridge over-temperature alarm goes off once the temperature inside the unit reaches 15 degrees over the standard temperature so that you can repair the cooling issue and avoid food spoilage. 

If you hear the alarm, inspect the unit’s electrical connections for power as the control utilizes a battery as supplemental power to activate the alarm if the outlet does not work. Have the power back to the unit by restarting your home circuit breaker for the electrical sources and the fridge will keep cooling when a power failure activates the alarm.

When the alarm sounds and you hear the compressor working, a sealed system issue such as a refrigerant leak or a malfunctioning compressor pump may be resulting in the issue. Have a professional technician check your fridge when you suspect a sealed system issue. A highly-trained technician will have to diagnose and repair sealed system damage as the repair includes the boost and recovery of the refrigerant.

When the evaporator fan inside the fridge functions but the compressor doesn’t work, a broken start relay on the compressor may be blocking it from starting. Many relays will rattle when they are poor. Disconnect the unit from the power source and remove the start relay and shake it. When it rattles, change the relay to get the compressor activated and the refrigerator cool again. This method does not work for all models, however, it may be good for your unit when you are desperate to store food in the freezer from spoiling and can’t hire a highly-trained technician to fix the refrigerator right away.

However, When the freezer cools it doesn’t cool down to the desired temperature, a defective thermistor may not correctly detect the unit temperature or the electronic control board may improperly d the thermistor signal. When the refrigerator compartment is at 0 degrees if the over-temperature alarm sounds, a defective thermistor or poor electronic control board possibly resulted in the alarm by incorrectly detecting temperature.

Issues in the automatic defrost system may prevent the fridge from cooling and activate the high-temperature alarm. When the defrost heating element that thaws ice off the evaporator fins doesn’t work, the buildup of ice will affect the evaporator fins and interrupt cooling airflow in the fridge. A breakdown to defrost bi-metal won’t let the electricity get to the heater thus a failure to defrost bi-metal will also prevent cooling in the fridge. 

In some cases, lack of maintenance can result in cooling issues and cause a high-temperature alarm. Do routine maintenance on the fridge such as clearing the door or lid seal from dirt and other debris to keep hot air from getting in the fridge and activating the alarm.

If you are constantly hearing your KitchenAid fridge over-temperature alarm going off, immediately seek professional assistance from Kitchen Appliance Repair Professional. Our highly trained KitchenAid technician can accurately diagnose and repair the problem and make it work for many years to come. Also, check out Kitchenaid cooktop repair and KitchenAid stove repair services.

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