Why Kitchenaid Fridge Ice Maker Not Making Ice?

January 20, 2021

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Having a broken ice maker can definitely feel like you don’t have what’s necessary. Thus, when you deal with a KitchenAid fridge ice maker not making ice, troubleshooting the issues becomes urgent. 

Common Causes for KitchenAid Fridge Ice Maker Not Making Ice

Identifying where to begin is half the struggle as troubleshooting your ice maker not doing its job. The good thing is the most common are issues that are the easiest to solve.

Not Turning On

The initial step in troubleshooting a KitchenAid fridge ice maker not working is to see to it that the ice maker is switched on. A KitchenAid refrigerator on and off switch is often a wire arm connected to the ice maker unit. The ice maker is on if the arm is in the downward position and clicked into its position. The ice maker is switched off when the wire arm is moved upward.

Temperature Issue

To make ice, the internal condition of your fridge should not be too hot nor too cold. For good ice production, the temperature should reach 0 – 5° F. When the fridge is too cold ice will stick together, cramming the ice maker unit. When the freezer is warm, ice will not properly freeze. Being aware of how to make cooling efficient for your refrigerator by making sure that the condenser coils can help the refrigerator unit keep its standard temperature.

Ice Maker Congestion

Ice congestion is one of the most common problems for KitchenAid fridge ice makers not working. Congestions happen around the ejector’s arm if the metal fingers of the arm struggle to grab ice that’s not yet frozen. The water then frosts on the ejector arm’s fingers, making an ice bridge that may stop the new cubes from dropping to the ice bin.

Broken Water Filter

When the water filter is clogged, broken, or inappropriately installed, it can lessen the amount of water that goes through to the ice maker. Thus, it blocks or affects ice production. It’s best that you replace your water filter twice a year to prevent clogs. 

Water Supply Issues

Without enough water supply from the waterline, your KitchenAid ice maker won’t be able to sufficiently make ice. These water supply issues can affect the ability of the unit to make ice. Make sure that your house has enough water pressure. The water inlet valve must have sufficient pressure to enable the flow of water to the ice maker.

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