How to Repair KitchenAid Wine Cooler

November 20, 2019

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Problems are common even with the best appliances. Even the appliance of a brand like KitchenAid can also face some issues with time. A wine cooler is an essential appliance that keeps your line save and preserve for a longer time. If your wine cooler is not working properly, then here are some of the simple steps you can try on your own to cure the problem.

So here are some steps for KitchenAid Wine Cooler Repair

Cooling problem: –

  • First, check that the wine cooler is receiving proper voltage with the help of a multimeter.
  • Then make sure that the thermostat is in proper working order. If it is set on a warmer temperature, then your wine cooler may also trouble to get cooler.
  • After this check that all the vents on the cooler have a sufficient amount of space for breathing. If there are less than six inches on the rear, then cooling of the wine cooler may be impacted.
  • Lastly, the owner should check that the cooler door is closed and secured correctly.

Cooler is not turning on: –

  • First, check the entire basic electrical fault. Check cooler plugin, also check that socket have supplied in it with the help of a tester.
  • After checking all upper discussed problems, if your cooler is still facing the same problem, then don’t be late to call KitchenAid wine cooler repair support.

Water leakage problem: –

The water leaking problem will also make an impact on your wine cooler cooling. But here is a step you can check on your own. Check for an air leakage all around the condenser as well as an evaporator. These two have air leaking problems majorly.

Unwanted running noise: –

  • If your kitchenaid wine cooler is working correctly but producing unwanted sounds while running, so here are some steps to fix it.
  • Check the position of the wine cooler correctly. It should not be too close to the wall. And if it is then correct the position.
  • And if cooler is placed correctly then check the ventilation of the cooler.
  • Check that all four sides have adequate space on the sides.

So, by following all the above-stated steps can help you in solving minor wine cooler issues. But for Major wine cooler issues, you must hire a professional technician. Our technicians know how to repair all makes and models of the kitchenaid wine cooler. So, without any delays, contact us and get relief from all the stress of a malfunctioning appliance.

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