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December 12, 2019

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In the early days, ice is made manually by pouring water into the tray and putting them in the freezer. Now, this technique is automated and the same process is followed by the automatic machines and systems. Before you troubleshoot when your KitchenAid ice maker not working. You should know about the working process of an ice maker.

Working Process of an Ice Maker:-

Here is a simple overview of the working process and after checking this you will be able to troubleshoot your ice maker.

    • Power source:

      Ice makers have an electric motor, a water valve that is electrically operated and electrical heating unit. All these things are most common in ice maker. These things use electrical power.

    • Water valve:

      Ice maker is connected to a water supply to pour water in the plastic trays. But this process is automatically controlled by a water electric valve which opens the water supply only when needed. This water line is also called a plumbing line. In the beginning, an electrical signal is sent to the water valve. This will fill the water in the trays.

    • Freezer work:

      After filling water in the trays, the freezer will do its work of freezing the water. And the signal is sent to the screen and thermostat. This signal is sent when an ice cube has reached 4-8 degree F temperature.

    • Heating coil:

      Before this process, ice cubes are ready to use. But the work of heating Coil is to extract the ice cubes from the ice trays. The heating coil heats up the ice cubes a little bit. Heating is important for the ejection of cubes properly.

    • Ejector blades:

      After losing ice cubes from the base of the tray ejector blades will start moving. When the blades move it will push the ice cubes upward. A funnel is connected between blades and collecting tray. After traveling from the funnel ice cube reaches the collecting tray. The problem in the blade is the main reason when your KitchenAid ice maker not working.


This is the simple working process of an ice maker. After knowing this flow of working process everyone can troubleshoot an ice maker on his own. If you are facing major problems in your ice maker it is preferred to contact customer support at 855-213-9318 for professional technicians.

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