My Ice Maker Won’t Start – What Do I Do?

December 18, 2019

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Most of the people take their icemaker for granted until they realize it has a stop producing ice anymore. however, it is important to take care of your appliance properly so that you can have unlimited fresh ice cube whenever required. Also, it is essential to take the Kitchenaid ice maker repair service on time to avoid further damage.

There can be several reasons for which your ice maker won’t start. But repairing an ice maker is much easier than other complicated appliances. With a little diagnose, you can often get it into shape again without spending too much on its repair.

Let’s see the reasons behind ice maker not working

Ice Maker Not Working


One of the most common problems occurs when ice maker stops producing ice. Though it can happen suddenly, it is often led by some problems you must have ignored previously. Due to this reason, it is always important to check your ice maker even at the minor problem. It will not only save your time but also the money otherwise wasted on its untimely repair.

​Possible causes

  • The ice maker is not on or turned off
  • The ice maker is not getting electrical power
  • The ice maker is not getting water
  • The ice tray is not receiving water
  • The water supply line is clogged
  • Ice bin is full

Solutions to the problems

If your ice maker stopped working suddenly, the first thing you need to check is the power connection. There are chances of the plug coming off accidentally. Also, there can be some problems with the power source. It seems to be an obvious thing, but it is essential to check this if your ice maker is not working.

If your ice bin is full then also your ice maker will not start. In addition, also make sure that you haven’t click the pause button without knowing it. If these are not the issues with your ice maker, ensure there is water properly coming into the appliance.

If water is not coming properly into the appliance, there can be some kind of blockage in the water inlet tube. try to find out the reason for blockage and remove it if possible. If not, take Kitchenaid ice maker repair service from the professionals in your city.

As the mechanism of ice maker is not much complicated, you can resolve most of the issues on your own. Still, if the problem is not resolved on own, take help from our professional repair technicians.

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